Integrated Solar LED Lights

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Integrated Solar LED Lights Integrated Solar LED Lights

1. Brief Introduction of 8W-80W Integrated solar LED light:

Integrated Solar LED Lights, also called All In One solar street light which integrates the green energy parts solar panel,LED lamp and the LiFePO4 battery into a single product, 
with human intelligence induction system to control the lighting mode automatically.

2. Some Pictures of integrated solar LED light For Reference:

Front Picture Solar Lights

Back Picture Solar Lights

All In One Lamp With Bracket




3. Advantages of integrated solar LED  light:


All in one/ Integral design, no need extra cable, easy to ship, install and maintenance


Powered by Solar energy, easy to get the energy, environment friendly.


Using Bridgelux led chip, ultra bright.


With sensitive PIR motion sensor +night sensor, intelligent and energy saving.


4. Power Range of integrated solar LED light: 

We have 8W-80W integrated all in one led solar street lights /solar garden light for your choosing, and can customized according to your requirements!
8W Integrated Solar LED Lights;12W Integrated Solar LED Lights;
15W Integrated Solar LED Lights;18W Integrated Solar LED Lights;
20W Integrated Solar LED Lights;25W Integrated Solar LED Lights;
30W Integrated Solar LED Lights;40W Integrated Solar LED Lights;
50W Integrated Solar LED Lights;60W Integrated Solar LED Lights;

70W Integrated Solar LED Lights;80W Integrated Solar LED Lights;

Other Power Is Available For Choosing.


5. Price List and Design Details of Integrated Solar LED Lights: +醒目标识

8W Integrated Solar LED Light Design;12W Integrated Solar LED Light Design;

15W Integrated Solar LED Light Design; 18W Integrated Solar LED Light Design;
20W Integrated Solar LED Light Design;25W Integrated Solar LED Light Design;
30W Integrated Solar LED Light Design;40W Integrated Solar LED Light Design;
50W Integrated Solar LED Light Design;60W Integrated Solar LED Light Design;
70W Integrated Solar LED Light Design;80W Integrated Solar LED Light Design;  

6. IES Testing Distribution Curve and LED Distance Curve of Integrated Solar LED Lights.

LED Distribution Curve For 60W

Lux Distance Curve For 60W



Before Lighting Effect---12W Design

After Lighting Effect---12W Design



7. Some Producing & Testing Pictures for Integrated Solar LED Lights.


Battery Testing, Charging 3 Times and Discharging 2 Times To Get Better Quality Battery.
Lifespan:5-10 Years.


High Power LED Street Lights.
Lifespan:50000 Hours,


Aim To Every Detailed Parts And Service











8. Integrated Solar LED Light Intelligent Lighting Mode.

This Function Can Adjust The LED Power.

9. Integrated LED Solar Light With CCTV Function.

Make Your Place Safer.

Solar Street Lights With CCTV

Solar Street Lights Lighting Effect With CCTV



10. Integrated Solar LED Light With Round Shape. 

Power From 15W,20W,25W,30W Designs For Choosing.



11. Some More Pictures for Installing Integrated Solar LED Street Lights

Integrated Solar LED Light Project 001

Integrated Solar LED Light Project 002



Integrated Solar LED Street Light Project 003

Integrated Solar LED Street Light Project 004



Integrated Solar Street Light Project 005

Integrated Solar Street Light Project 006




12. What You Should Know Before Buying Integrated Solar LED Lights.

Buyers or Final Users Should Know Below Some Points Before Buying & Designing & Installing Integrated Solar street lights.


Where is the Final Installation Place?
Country name? Province & State name? or even the city name?
Because All In One Type Solar Street Lights is Standard Design, so we should know the city name to check its solar radiation.
If the solar radiation is not enough for charging, we will give other design.


Light time/Night?

This type All In One Solar Street Lights works with Intelligent Function.

When there’s little people and little traffic car, it will turn into saving power mode.


Road Conditions?
We should know road length, road width, how many lanes for better design


Pole height?
Usually choose from 2M,3M,4M;5M;6M;7M;8M;9M; Higher pole will need higher power LED to lighting the road.


Pls note this Integrated Solar LED Lights Using Special For Small Road And Countryside Road And Those Areas With Little Bright Lighting Effect.


13. How To Order Our Integrated Solar LED Lights:

Commonly Our Integrated Solar LED Lights Price Is Based On Wholesale Type,

Quantity Based On 1*20’ HQ Container,Packing Details Pls See And Download Price List Above Points 5.

Payment Can Be Made By Western Union, Cash, T/T Or L/C.

If you are not sure this model products can meet your requirement or not,you can place a trial order,1-10PC You Can Decide Qty Accordingly Your Conditions, Better 10PC For Easier Sea Shipment.

Shipping Sample Order Can be Through Sea Shipment Or Air Shipment Or Carrier.

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