Solar Garden Lights

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Solar Garden Lights Solar Garden Lights

1. What Is Solar Garden Light?

Solar Garden Lights  - Also called Solar Landscape Lights, Solar Courtyard Lights, Solar Walking Lights, Etc, Widely used in lighting squares, plazas, mansions, parks, river banks, pedestrian streets and other occasions where lighting is required. We choose high brightness LED as its lighting source for its longer lifespan.

2. Solar Garden Light Technical Parameters:

Pole Height


Applicable light source

3W to 30W LED

Solar Panel

15W-150W Hi-efficient mono or poly-crystalline silicon solar panel

Automatic Solar Controller

over-charging and over-discharging protection

Solar Battery

12AH/12V-150AH/12V, Fully-sealed maintenance-free Gelled Battery.

Pole material

Plastic coated on hot-dip galvanized steel pole,

Stainless steel pole,

Cast aluminum pole with plastic coating

Lighting Hours

8-10 Hrs/Day,11-12 Hrs/Day, 2-7 backup rainy days

The design, configuration and manufacture can meet customer’s requirements or OEM.

3. Hot-selling Models Of BR SOLAR Marked Solar Garden Lights.

Model: SGL-T1 Solar Garden Lights

Model: SGL-T3 Solar Garden Lights



Top Battery Design Solar Garden Lights, Lithium Battery Is Available For Choosing.

LED Power from 3W-30W

Model: SGL-S1 Solar Garden Lights

Model: SGL-S2 Solar Garden Lights



Model: SGL-S6 Solar Garden Lights

Model: SGL-S9 Solar Garden Lights



Burying Battery Design Solar Garden Lights, Some Models For Choosing.

LED Power from 3W-30W, Pole Height:2M-6M

Model: SGL-B1 Solar Garden Lights

Model: SGL-B3 Solar Garden Lights



Bottom Battery Design Solar Garden Lights, Some Models For Choosing.

Pole Height:3M-8M


4. Some Models For BR SOLAR Marked Two Lamps Solar Garden Lights.

LED Power from 3W-30W, Pole Height:2M-6M

Model: SGL-D1 Solar Garden Lights

Model: SGL-D3 Solar Garden Lights



Model: SGL-D4 Solar Garden Lights

Model: SGL-D9 Solar Garden Lights




5 . Advantages of Solar Garden Lights

The advantages of solar garden lights are that they can be freely distributed in gardens, no need to worry about cabling, or their children being electrocuted. Solar garden lights also score high marks for their use of renewable energy and little or no emission of pollutions. No electricity bills, no wiring, no hassle to switch it on/off. Just simple lighting! These lights get their energy from the sun and reciprocate the same by night.

6. Whats The Main Points Before Making The Design For An Accurate Solar Garden Lights.

Buyers or Final Users Should Know Below Some Points Before Buying & Designing & Installing Solar Garden Lights.


Where is the Final Installation Place?
Country name? Province & State name? or even the city name? An accurate design must be based on using place’s solar radiation. Different places will have different solar radiation hours (Peaksun time). Same LED Power, higher solar radiation area will get lower solar panel; Areas with lower solar radiation will need higher panel. One word, we should know its peaksun time accord to using location, then we could design solar panel and battery better for solar street light.


Light time/Night?

An accurate design also should know lighting time per night. Longer hours design need bigger panel, and shorter time get lower panel. We usually recommend 11-12 Hrs/Night so that can light whole night.


Pole height?
Usually from 4M;5M;6M;7M;8M;9M;10M;12M. Higher pole will need higher power LED to lighting the road, so pole height is important for designing solar street lights. And buyers should choose pole height before purchasing.


Some other factors.
One Word: The more we knows on your purchasing details, the better we will do for the designs.

7. Some Pictures for Producing & Testing Solar Garden Lights
All Kinds of Designs.














8 . Some Pictures for Installing Solar Garden Lights

SGL-T2 Solar Garden Lights Installation

SGL-T4 Solar Garden Light Installation



SGL-S5 Solar Light Installation In The Day

SGL-S5 Solar Lights Installation In The Night



SGL-S18 Solar Garden Lights Installation

SGL-S19 Solar Garden Lights Installation



SGL-B4 Solar Garden Lights Installation

SGL-B10 Solar Garden Lights Installation



SGL-D6 Solar Garden Lights Installation

SGL-D9 Solar Garden Lights Installation




9. Other Power Solar Garden Lights For Choosing.

3W Solar Garden Lights; 5W Solar Garden Lights;7 W Solar Garden Lights;

9 W Solar Garden Lights;10 W Solar Garden Lights;12 W Solar Garden Lights;

15 W Solar Garden Lights;18 W Solar Garden Lights;20 W Solar Garden Lights;

24 W Solar Garden Lights;30 W Solar Garden Lights;
Other Power Is Available For Choosing.

10. How To Order Our Solar Garden Lights:

Commonly Our Solar Garden Lights Price Is Based On Wholesale Type,

Quantity Based On 1*20’ HQ Container:50PC-100PC.

Payment Can Be Made By T/T Or L/C.

If you are not sure this model products can meet your requirement or not,you can place a trial order,1-10PC You Can Decide Qty Accordingly Your Conditions.

Shipping Sample Order Can be Through Sea Shipment Or Air Shipment Or Carrier.
Also Welcome Your Visiting For Checking And Training.

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