New integrated Solar Garden Light (UFO Light)

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New integrated Solar Garden Light (UFO Light)

Good news! 

Recently, BR SOLAR has developed an advanced and new integrated Solar Garden Light---a patented product of our company.

We designed 15W to 30W power solar garden lights which fit for 3-5m small poles.It is suitable for installation in Plaza、Garden、Courtyard、park and other places.

This Light is very beautiful and attractive that looks like a UFO,so we also call it “UFO Light”.


It has the following Features:

1.Aluminum alloy case,patent products.

2.Professional light distribution for wide lighting,can change high capacity battery.

3.360°view angle.

4.Over 3 nights lighting after full charge.

5.Elegant integrated Design,easy to install and maintain, Auto on/off.

6.With remote control,UVA technology,bring high corrosion resistance,30m remote control operation,increase/decrease the brightness.


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