The Indian light exhibition was a great success !

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The Indian light exhibition was a great success !

As we all know, India is a big market but its price is very very low many Chinese supplier hard to open it including us, so we took part in this exhibition. Our purpose is to know more about this market and know how to open it quickly, the final result showed everything was successful.


Below is our Team member who went to the exhibition, they are the best ! 

During 10th Oct--13th Oct, our booth was filled with people since our products very attractive. We BR Solar team introduce our product’s function and features to each client patiently and operate the lighting system to clients on site, newfangled appearance design and good working model of our products attract some clients purchased the sample immediately. Below are some pictures send back from our BR Solar team in exhibition for your reference, business is booming !

The happiest thing is all samples we took to the exhibition have been sold out, that’s mean not all India client only purchase cheap and low quality products, some of them still focus on high quality like our products and willing to buy to open bigger market. Yes, quality is more important than price !


Thanks every client try us and trust us, we will continue to work hard and do our best to support you


We, BR SOLAR, treat customers as our God, concentrate on quality control.

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