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Steel Pole Steel Pole

Steel Pole ---  

Steel Pole is one important part in street lights system and solar street lights system.
Our light pole structures have been successfully applied in more than 114 Countries.
1. BR SOLAR Steel Pole Selling Points:

1.1 More Range of Light Pole 2.5M-15M, High Mast Pole 15M-40M.

1.2 All kinds of shapes of Tapered, Round, Square, Octagon, Etc

1.3 We can make the drawing as your wanted designed poles and arms.

1.4 Antirust Treatment: Hot Dip Galvanization Or HDG With Powder Coating.

1.5 Color For Choosing: Grey,Black,White,Blue,Green,Etc. You can contact us for Color Card.

2. Popular Steel Pole For Single Arm.


Name: LED Street Lights              Model:BRLSL-S4               Designed Lamp:20W-250W


3. Popular Steel Pole For Double Arms.


Name: LED Street Lights            Model:BRLSL-D3            Designed Lamp:20W-250W

4. Some Pole Fittings For Reference.
We can produce as your wanted designs, Decerative Fittings is available. 

5. Some Steel Pole Producing.
Material is very important for the high quality pole.
We choose HQ235. 

6. Some Pole Designs for your reference. 

          Pole For Canada Buyer

            Pole For Canada Buyer

7.Hot Dip Galvanization And Painting. 
Pls note this is hot dip galvanization.

In the markets,there's many cold zinc pole,lifespan is just 1-3 years in wet weather places.. 

The 2nd time Acid pickling

Antioxidant treatment

Hot-dip galvanized


8.Packing And Container Loading.
There's several kinds of packing method.
But we should pack well in case of Scratch. 

Pole Packing And Pole Loading


9.Steel Pole Applications
Streets, Highways, Driveways,Airports,Freeways,Parking Lots, Gas Station, Courts, Sporting Fields, Golf Course,Universities, Countryside,Warehouse, Factory,etc;

Effect In The Day

               Effect In The Night

              BRLSL-S5 Installation

               BRLSL-S8 Installation

10.Steel Pole Warranty:
Our pole is produced as per ISO9001 quality standard.
Material:Q235,Lifespan:More Than 20 Years.

Warranty is 10 Years.
We are sincerely to do the steel pole business.
If you believe us, pls send us your thinking or your detailed requirement.We can make drawing and quote the best competitive price to you. Attn.:Dr. Frank Liang Mob.:+86-13505277754  
Thank you.

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