20-60W All In Two Solar Street Lights
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20-60W All In Two Solar Street Lights

20-60W All In Two Solar Street Lights
All in Two solar street light is a new type of street light based on All in One solar street light.
All In One Solar Street Light integrates the green energy parts solar panel,LED lamp and the LiFePO4 battery into a single product, with human intelligence induction system to control the lighting mode automatically. But the All in Two solar street light is to separate the solar panels separately, and the other parts are gathered inside one LED light body.

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20-60W All In Two Solar Street Lights

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1. Technical Parameters of 20-60W All In Two Solar Street Lights



Solar panel: 18V 60W

Solar panel: 18V 80W

Lithium battery: 11.1V/24Ah

Lithium battery: 11.1V/36Ah

LED Lamp: 12V 20W

LED Lamp: 12V 30W

Mounting Height: 4-5M

Mounting Height: 5-6M

Space Between Light: 15-20M

Space Between Light: 15-20M

Product Size: 510*220*100mm

Product Size: 510*220*100mm



Solar panel: 18V 100W

Solar panel: 18V 150W

Lithium battery: 11.1V/45Ah

LifePO4 battery: 11.1V/50Ah

LED Lamp: 12V 40W

LED Lamp: 12V 60W

Mounting Height: 6-7M

Mounting Height: 8M

Space Between Light: 18-20M

Space Between Light: 20-25M

Product Size: 510*220*100mm

Product Size: 510*210*90mm


2. All In Two Solar Street Lights Intelligent Lighting Mode:

AIT Lighting Mode 


3. Advantages of Our All In Two Solar Street Lights:
1).Micro-controller and LED lamp and lithium battery into one system, simple and stylish.

2).Light control system and time Control system perfectly, ensure whole system energy-efficient.

3).Solar panel power can be design according to local solar condition.

4).Lithium battery-Adopt lithium battery to replace traditional gel battery, longer lifetime.

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AIT Exploded view3 

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4. Other Customizable requirements of All In Two Solar Street Lights:

  • Appearance color is optional---green,blue,white,etc.(Other colour is available)

AIT Colour 

  • Light source color is optional---green,cold white and warm white.

AIT Lighting Colour 


5.Pictures of Producing Workshop:

AIT Workshop 


6.Pictures of Packing:

Our lamps put in an export carton with protection foam(EPE: Expand Aple Poly Ephylene,can bear 100kg)to fix them firmly within the carton.

AIT Packing 

7. Quality assurance of BR Solar All In Two Solar Street Lights:

  • Firstly, We choose the best raw materials


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  • Secondly, We have the Standardized production process, and strictly in accordance with 6S management standards(SEIRI, SEITON, SEISO, SEIKETSU, SHITSUKE, SECURITY).



  • Thirdly, All of our products will be tested for lighting after production.

AIT Test


  • Fourthly, Our products have the certifications and certificates they deserve.



  • At last, We promise a guaranteed warranty for the entire system for three years, during which if there is any quality problem except man-made problem, repair or replacement shall be provided free of charge, and a guarantee for life-long repair.(5 years warranty is available if required )


8. Pictures of Customers’ visit:

With experienced designing ability, advanced manufacturing & testing equipment, our group is growing better and better. We hope cooperate with more partners and solar distributors to develop more lighting projects to create prosperous win-win partnerships. We are here looking forward to your visit.


9. Some More Pictures for Installing :



10. If You Want To Partner With Us, Please Contact Us

Dear Sir Or Purchasing Manager,

Thank you for your time reading our All In Two Solar Street Lights website carefully.

Please choose these solar lights and contact us.

Please note: Though we use all the best material, that doesn’t mean our price is high. We aim to long term business and we have a dream that our light can light all the dark areas. So we give the middle wholesale price.



Sales H.Q.: No.77 at Lianyun Road, Yangzhou City, Jiangsu Province, P.R.China

Addr.:Industry Area of Guoji Town, Yangzhou City, Jiangsu Province, P.R.China

Thank you again for your time and hope business together for a big markets of All In Two Solar Street Lights.


11. FAQ

1.Q: How long can I get some samples?

  A: We are honored to offer you samples for quality check, and it will take 3-7 working days.


2.Q: Can you provide certificate for your products?

  A: We can provide certificate like CE, SGS, ROHS, SAA.


3.Q: What is the Time of shipment?

 A: lt usually takes about 15-25 days. But the exact delivery time might be different for different orders or at different tme.


4.Q: Can I mix different items in one container?

  A: Yes, different items can be mied in one container, but the quantity of each item should not be less than Moo


5.Q: Will you deliver the right goods as ordered? How can trust you?

  A: Yes, we will. We have a good cooperation with a number of excellent materal suppliers, and we will make sure our, products are 100% inspection before packing.


6. Q: How to Choose the System Voltage 12V or 24 or for normal street Light?

  A: We can design the System for 12v or 24v for solar street Light or 220-380V for normal led underground light.


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