Lithium Battery Solar Street Lights
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Lithium Battery Solar Street Lights

Lithium Battery Solar Street Lights
Solar street lights, widely used in lighting highway; roads; bridges; pedestrian streets and other occasions where lighting is required.

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Lithium Battery Solar Street Lights

1. Advantage of Li-ion Solar Street Lights:

A.) Good Design.

It is a solar street light combining PV panel with lithium batteries. Electricity is generated from solar energy by the high efficiency solar PV panels and stored in the lithium batteries attached to the back of the panel. This can then be used to power the high brightness LED lights for approximately 12 hours in the night *3-4 overcast weather days.

B.) Reduces impact on the environment through the use of lithium batteries.

Unlike common models which required separately installed large lead batteries, the Lithium Solar Street Light is small and refined, and the lead-free design reduces its impact on the environment.

C.) The solar panel, lithium batteries and LED Lamps are low-maintenance and have a long operating life.

Unlike common models which used lead-acid batteries, the new model is more environmentally friendly. The charge and discharge rate of the lithium batteries is also 1.5 times that of lead acid batteries, allowing you to use the energy more efficiently. The operating lifespan of the lithium battery power source is over 10 years*4 , reducing maintenance costs, such a battery exchange, possible. The operational life span of the solar panel is over 20 years, and the LED lights 80000 hours, If operating for 12 hours a day at 100% rating, approx. 18 years.


2. Producing Range and Technical Description of the Lithium Battery Solar Street Lights: 

  • Pole Height: 4M-12M. Material: plastic coated on hot-dip galvanized steel pole, Q235, anti-rust and wind

  • LED Power: 20W-120W DC type, 20W-500W AC type

  • Solar Panel: 60W-350W MONO or POLY type solar modules, A grade cells

  • Intelligent Solar Controller: IP65 or IP68, Automatic light and time Control. Over-charging and over-discharging protection function

  • Battery: 2.2Ah---200Ah/12V; 2.2Ah---100Ah/24V

  • Lighting hours: 11-12 Hrs/Night, 2-5 backup rainy days


3. Quality assurance of BR Solar Lithium Battery Solar Street Lights:

  • Firstly, Every part of the street light is of the best quality


Other supplier's solar panel : Our solar panel : 
Use 2 grid lines like left picture shows 

We use silver bus bar and 5 grid lines for better 

electric conduction

B grade cells  A grade cells
Low energy conversion rate some only 15%

High energy conversion rate which has reach 20%, 

much higher than the common supplier's panel in 

the market.

It will effect the working condition of the whole 

system directly.

Four diodes in junction box
Just two diodes in junction box 

Thick aluminum frame, it's enough stronger and 

can resistant to strong winds 

Aluminum frame is very thin easy to out of shape 

and hard to resistant to strong winds 

Our panel backboard is very smooth and good 


Some panel's backboard is not smooth, rough 


Long connecting cable, can connect solar panel 

to solar controller directly


A. Using high pressure die-casting alumium, corrosion ressistant

B. Cree chip, super bright with high lumen 140LM/W-190LM/W, especially S1 type
C. Every lamp including sealing washer for better waterproof, lamp waterproof degree is IP66-IP68


A. Small size, small weight, easy to transport.
B. High temperature resistance, range -15°C  to 65°C.                                                                               
C. Deep cycle: 500-800/1800-2000 times.


A. Waterproof degree is IP68 can be tested in the water directly.

B. PWM controller adopt tandem PWM charge control method, so that the voltage loss of electrical circuit is 

     only the half of diode charge, charge efficiency to improve by 3% - 6%.

C. MPPT controller use famous Epsolar brand, high quality components and perfecting system performance 

     with maximum conversion efficiency of 98%,10%-15% higher than conventional controller (cost higher 

     than PWM type).

D. Battery reverse connection protection, over-voltage protection and under-voltage protection. Solar module 

     reverse connection protection.

E. 12/24VDC automatically identifying system voltage or user-defined working voltage.
F. 100PCS solar street light matched one Remote Controller freely.


A. Plastic coated on Hot-dip galvanized steel pole, Q235, anti-rust and wind.
B. Wind resistance: 160KM/H.
C. Can be painted with requested color.
D. Smooth surface with professional polish technology.
E. The thickness of our 6M pole is 3mm, other supplier's just 2.75mm, quality is our culture.



A. We use better grade stainless steel screws, like SS304.
B. We provide this kind installation trucks for clients to save their installation time and cost.
C. We also provide spanner,waterproof tape, insulating tape,  gloves and pliers for free.


  • Secondly, We have the Standardized production process, and strictly in accordance with 6S management standards(SEIRI, SEITON, SEISO, SEIKETSU, SHITSUKE, SECURITY)



  • Thirdly, All of our products will be tested for lighting and waterproof after production.



  • Fourthly, Our products have the certifications and certificates they deserve.




  • At last, We promise a guaranteed warranty for the entire system for three years, during which if there is any quality problem except man-made problem, repair or replacement shall be provided free of charge, and a guarantee for life-long repair.(5 years warranty is available if required )

4. Pictures of Customers’ visit:

With experienced designing ability, advanced manufacturing & testing equipment, our group is growing better and better. We hope cooperate with more partners and solar distributors to develop more lighting projects to create prosperous win-win partnerships. We are here looking forward to your visit.



5. Some More Pictures for Installing Solar Street Lights:



 6. What You Should Know Before Buying Solar Street Lights:

Buyers or Final Users Should Know Below Some Points Before Buying & Designing & Installing Solar street lights.


Where is the Final Installation Place?
Country name? Province & State name? or even the city name? An accurate design must be based on using place’s solar radiation. Different places will have different solar radiation hours (Peaksun time). Same LED Power, higher solar radiation area will get lower solar panel; Areas with lower solar radiation will need higher panel. One word, we should know its peaksun time accord to using location, then we could design solar panel and battery better for solar street light.


Light time/Night?

An accurate design also should know lighting time per night. Longer hours design need bigger panel, and shorter time get lower panel. We usually recommend 11-12 Hrs/Night so that can light whole night.


Pole height?
Usually from 4M;5M;6M;7M;8M;9M;10M;12M. Higher pole will need higher power LED to lighting the road, so pole height is important for designing solar street lights. And buyers should choose pole height before purchasing.


Some other factors.
One Word: The more we knows on your purchasing details, the better we will do for the designs.


7. How To Order Our Solar Street Lights:

Commonly Our Solar Street Lights Price Is Based On Wholesale Type;

Quantity Based On 1*40’ HQ Container:100PC.

Payment Can Be Made By T/T Or L/C.

If you are not sure this model products can meet your requirement or not,you can place a trial order,1-10PC You Can Decide Qty Accordingly Your Conditions.

Shipping Sample Order Can be Through Sea Shipment Or Air Shipment Or Carrier.
Also Welcome Your Visiting For Checking And Training.


8. If You Want To Partner With Us, Please Contact Us

Dear Sir Or Purchasing Manager,

Thank you for your time reading our Lithium Battery Solar Street Lights website carefully.

Please choose these solar lights and contact us.

Please note: Though we use all the best material, that doesn’t mean our price is high. We aim to long term business and we have a dream that our light can light all the dark areas. So we give the middle wholesale price.



Sales H.Q.: No.77 at Lianyun Road, Yangzhou City, Jiangsu Province, P.R.China

Addr.:Industry Area of Guoji Town, Yangzhou City, Jiangsu Province, P.R.China

Thank you again for your time and hope business together for a big markets of Solar Street Lights.



1.Q: How long can I get some samples?

  A: We are honored to offer you samples for quality check, and it will take 3-7 working days.


2.Q: Can you provide certificate for your products?

  A: We can provide certificate like CE, SGS, ROHS, SAA.


3.Q: What is the Time of shipment?

A: lt usually takes about 15-25 days. But the exact delivery time might be different for different orders or at different tme.


4.Q: Can I mix different items in one container?

  A: Yes, different items can be mied in one container, but the quantity of each item should not be less than Moo


5.Q: Will you deliver the right goods as ordered? How can trust you?

  A: Yes, we will. We have a good cooperation with a number of excellent materal suppliers, and we will make sure our, products are 100% inspection before packing.


6. Q: How to Choose the System Voltage 12V or 24 or for normal street Light?

  A: We can design the System for 12v or 24v for solar street Light or 220-380V for normal led underground light.


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