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Lithium Battery

Solar battery takes an important rule in solar lighting, and the type of the battery we used in solar lighting are Lead-acid Battery and Lithium Battery. And Lead-acid Battery also has some different types.

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Lithium Battery

1. Brief Introduction of Lithium Battery:

Lithium Battery takes an important rule in solar lighting and solar system.

Lithium Batteries are overwhelmingly the most common storage technology used within the solar market. These batteries are characterized by the transfer of lithium ions between electrodes during charge and discharge reactions.
It can be divided into Common Lithium Battery (NiCoMn) And Lithium-ion Battery (LiFePO4).
Lithium Battery now takes a very important rule in solar. And the quantity percentage people used is rising much these two years comparing with Gelled Battery.
The Main Difference Between NiCoMn and LifePO4 Lithium Battery?


NiCoMn Lithium Battery

LiFePO4 Battery

Life cycle

>1000 cycles

>2500 cyles

energy density









NiCoMn lithium battery & lifepo4 battery both are the most stability lithium batteries, but some projects may needing higher energy density ,so they adapt NiCoMn Lithium Battery , some projects needing more longer life cycles, so they adapt LiFePO4 Lithium Batteries.
People choose LiFePO4 more due to its high cycle durability,especially for its excellent safety function.

2. Some Pictures for Lithium Battery:

2.1 Using For Split Type Solar Street Lights:


2.2 Using For All in One And All In Two Solar Street Lights and for Solar Power System:


2.3 Using For Solar Lighting Kits and Solar Power System:


3. Parameter information of Lithium Battery:

Product Range:
11.1V 8Ah-200Ah
12.8V 8Ah-200Ah
22.2V 20Ah-150Ah

25.6V 20Ah-150Ah
Customized Design is available.
Please tell us your thinking and design so that we can serve for you better by.
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4. Some Certificates for BR SOLAR Marked Battery:


MSDS & UN38.3 is available before shipping.

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