The reason why Saudi clients continue to place orders with us
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The reason why Saudi clients continue to place orders with us

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With the rapid development of the economy and the population growth, the investment in infrastructure in the Middle East has been increasing, leading the vigorous development of the power, lighting and new energy markets.

Today, let me introduce to you how our company—BR SOLAR has reached long-term friendly cooperation with Saudi Arabia.

1. Good communication is a bridge.

Saudi clients have visited our company. Visiting our factory, workshop, office and negotiated for total three days. Meanwhile, we have handwritten on the paper for their needs and questions,Then we communicate with them about the listed items, finally we get a conclude.

2. Sample testing.

The clients also inspected the testing process of our products and then took the samples to the local area of Saudi Arabia for field testing. Finally our solar street lights past ARMCO standard.

3. Use quality proof.

After the local installation test, they found that our products brought surprises in terms of energy saving, brightness or quality. Obviously, our company's solar street lights are brighter and convenient for the local area. Meanwhile, beat their competitors in KSA.

4. Long-term cooperation.

This is a government project. Under our excellent service and quality, we have established long-term cooperation with Saudi clients, then we have orders for the next 400 sets, 500 sets, and 400 units and continuously.


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